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Flóra sveta | Flora of the world

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Welcome to portal about the Flora of the World! You can enjoy many photos about plants and flora throughout the world. Photogallery is divided by thematic groups - cycads, orchids and geographically - by countries and floristic regions. In photogallery are mainly photos from our botanical expeditions as well as photos of other authors who kindly provided their photos to complete our portal. Would you like to also help us to complete this work? Your help is welcome! Feel free to contact us and negotiate sort of your help. You can send us your photos or a link to your photogallery in order to we make a link on this portal to your web page. If you think you have anything to say about the flora and flowers, you can write some articles about nature, flora of fauna and publish it on this portal.

Our goals are to provide basic information about plants, flowers and flora, what to see in each country of the world and what you should not miss if you visit it as well as some advice what to be aware of in country you are planning to visit. If you feel that you have anything to tell about, you can do it in discussion (forum for Slovak, for other languages) or email us with you comments and we will publish it on this portal.

This portal is a never-ending story. New photos, articles or sections are published reqularly. Don't miss any news! Join to our mailing list and all news will be emailed to your mailbox reqularly.

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Photos divided by countries:

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Other foto | Ďalšie foto

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